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Teraesa Vinson: Press

About "Next To You"

"More consistently jazz-oriented than Tuck & Patti and at the same high level of musicianship, Vinson & Dempsey often phrase together and they constantly complement each other's ideas....Teraesa Vinson displays a beautiful and flexible voice, coming up with subtle melodic variations and uplifting each piece with joy and understanding of the lyric."
Scott Yanow - LA Jazz Scene (Oct 1, 2007)
"Teraesa Vinson and partner Tom Dempsey succeed in capturing the emotions and passion that the composers of these songs intended to convey, with only a single guitar and the charming voice of an angel."
Edward Blanco - eJazzNews (Jul 16, 2007)
"Teraesa Vinson sings her program from the heart with a genuine air. She convinces....Vinson has mastered each mood....Their balance points them in the direction of cohesive success as the two intertwine naturally."
Yup, pretty to look at and a pleasure to hear makes this AMP release a must for all of us who love hearing a great song sung well, as well as appreciating one hot guitar picker. Get next to “Next To You” and feel the love.
"...Next to You is a perfectly marvelous fireside recital, and just a warm and cozy as the title suggests."
John McDonough (Jul 27, 2007)
"The duo is a true partnership, with the singer molding herself to Dempsey's inspired lines while she tackles a wide variety of material and sounds effortless in the process."
"Vinson's voice is so silky smooth it could lull you within three notes. Add in lyrical guitarist Tom Dempsey and you have a perfect fit. Even though this is just Vinson's second recording she shows a subtlety and maturity, restraining her voice until absolutely necessary to belt out, as she does sparingly on “Opportunity Knocks.” Dempsey's mellow tones and gentle touch make him an excellent partner for Vinson. His original tune, “Next to You,” may be one of the prettiest tunes to come along in quite a while."

About "Opportunity Please Knock"

“…an auspicious, and to some measure, an audacious debut by an exciting new singer.”
“In a field already crowded with an abundance of talent….it’s imperative that when a new jazz songbird comes on the scene, she’d better be the real goods. Teraesa Vinson is. Blessed with a warm, rich voice that can be downright sexy and an abiding respect for both melody and lyrics, Vinson is in a position to make it big….In short, the disc is a splendid introduction to a splendid young vocalist.”
Cam Miller - American Rag
“In her eponymous Opportunity Please Knock, Teraesa Vinson has released a mainly intimate affair with small swinging combos that amply display her velvety cool vocals, versatility and carefree sophistication....certain to open up doors.”
“Teraesa Vinson’s voice is not huge, but what it lacks in sheer power and authority, she more than makes up with a sure sense of dynamics, rhythmic nuance and the kind of emotional connection that transcends mere technique. Vinson’s impressive debut as a recording artist…is a coming-out that demands attention, not for in-your-face audacity but rather for its subtle romanticism and impeccable taste.”
Tom Ineck - Berman Music Foundation
“With the pure, smoky genius of Ella Fitzgerald and the poignancy of Billie Holiday, this woman is making her mark among the cream of the crop and it’s no surprise as to why….A brilliant vocal jazz album not to be missed.”
CD Baby
“Her debut album…is an impressive start...Vinson’s rich and supple voice is complemented by her intelligent sense of how to phrase the lyrics….Her supporting cast…provides Vinson with a musical basis for the opportunity to knock us out with a memorable recording debut.”
Joe Lang - Jersey Jazz

About Teraesa

“….a fine addition to the sound of New York vocals for years to come.”
Lafayette Harris, Jr.
“…I believe that Teraesa will be one of the few singers that will remind us to sing and swing with style.”
Kelvin Sholar
“There is such an attractive warmth and sincerity in the way Teraesa Vinson conveys her music. There are no walls between her and her listeners. There are no pretenses, scripts or schemes—just honest, passionate music. And that’s the only kind of music worth listening to.”
Camilla Sanders