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The Sun, the Sand....

Posted on March 22, 2010 with 0 comments
Just finished up a great trip to San Salavdor Island in the Bahamas. We played for a week on Columbus Isle, which was incredibly beautiful! I was so happy to go with two amazing musicians--Tim Ferguson (bass) and Tom Dempsey (guitar).

It was really interesting, given that Tom and Tim have played together for about 20 years. I mean, I've played with Tom my entire career, but that time frame was relatively short compared to their history. Sure enough, their playing looked like (as an outsider during instrumentals) Tom and I must look when we play together--in sync, not really needing a lot of outside communication. There is that level of comfort when you've played with someone that long I think.

We played four nights there and one time during the day at an afternoon party. Don't worry though--I had plenty of time to work on my tan. :)

I posted some photos taken on the trip in the photo gallery. Don't we look relaxed and happy? I mean, you can't get a background like that at a photo [...]
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